UP610 200W Multi-Chemistry Compact DC Charger

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UP610 200W Multi-Chemistry Compact DC Charger

200 watts of power in a charger small enough to fit in the palm of your hand! The UP610 charger utilizes advanced synchronous DC power conversion technology to achieve an efficiency rating of over 90%. This means energy savings through efficiency, reduced heat build-up, and the ability to produce a small, compact and conveniently mobile charging device. Furthermore, the UP610 firmware can be updated through a convenient micro-USB port using a PC. Charges up to 6S LiPo or LiHV packs using a suitable DC power supply. Many users prefer using a 4S-6S LiPo as a power supply for a truly compact and portable charging system!


Input Voltage: 9-32VDC
Output Voltage:0-30V
Charging Current:0.1-10A
Discharge Current:0.1-3A
Max Charge Power:200W
Max Discharge Power:8W
Balance Current:500mA/cell
Balance Cells:6S
Battery Types: LiFe/Li-Ion/LiPo/LiHV (1-6S)
NiMH/Cd (1-16S)
Pb 1-12S
Display Type:2.4" LCD

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