V1W M2: Builder's Chassis - Aluminum (RAW)

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This listing if for one pair of Aluminum Chassis Parts.

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Updates For the V1W M2 are as follows: All original and M1 parts will work on the M2, Some of the M2 Parts will function on the M1 with additional holes drilled in the chassis.

(PLEASE SEE PHOTO) The white is the original V1W Chassis. The Red is the additions for the V1W M1 to add further adjustability and function. The Orange is the V1W M2 changes to further add compatibility for the Element Enduro Series, Skid, Axles, Shocks and sideboards. The M2 also includes an updated servo mount (allowing use of the AE Aluminum PanHard mount), Modified Pan-Hard Mount for easier Element Adaptation, Modified Hoop Backer with included Body Mount, Symmetrical long sliders, Simple rear Shock tower brace, Chassis and Axle side shock spacers (requires m3x25), and Incognito mounts for the 70mm and 78mm width for use with AE body posts.

UPDATE (29 APR 2020): The first batch of V1W Chassis are all gone! Thank you all for your enthusiasm and feedback on the V1W Chassis.

Mod 1 will undergo a few modification based on your feedback. The revision will be dubbed "V1W M1". 90% of the current printed parts will fit the V1W M1. The printed rear shock hoops are no longer needed unless you cut off the the rear hoop. Also the Optimus body mount Is not needed with the new version.

The two new key features are the integrated rear shock hoops and the added body mounting location for the JC Creep body. The front body mounts maintain the exact position of the printed mount so you don't have to put new holes in your Creep body with the Optimus 3. Lastly, the tapped holes on the front of the chassis proved to be problematic and were changed to pass through holes.

STL's available on here - https://sth.ecwid.com/STL-File-V1W-Victor-1-Whisky-p162096569

If you need Links or Skids:
Vader Products: https://rcaddictparts.com/collections/vader-products
D-Links: https://rcaddictparts.com/products/d-links-links-selector-for-all-vehicles?_pos=3&_sid=5481d8080&_ss=r


Introducing the latest Chassis specifically designed with the builder in mind and that box full of spare parts you have laying around just itching to be used. The Chassis is designed around a 78mm inside rail to rail spacing. This allows the widest possible use of parts from popular brands like Axial, Traxxas, and Vaterra. Many other brands may fit but the parts have not been specifically tested.

Adjustability is the key. You will note there are a large variety of holes on the skid and front/rear of the Chassis. These spacing for all of these will directly match up to stock skids, bumpers, bumper mounts and even servo mount(with a little creativity). I've used parts from an Axial Capra, Axial SCX-10 & 10.2, Vaterra Ascender, and Traxxas TRX-4 to map many possible combinations. Some parts will require inside the rail chassis spacers to achieve attachment at the 78mm spacing.

This particular design allows a great building platform for a class 2 or 3 trail rig. The chassis is cut from 6061 Aluminum and weighs just 3.6oz according to our scales.

I have built this chassis for a standard 12.5in wheelbase but can be customized to shorter or longer wheelbase depending on how you build your truck.

This is a builders chassis, expect to fabricate parts, adjust/make links, or trim parts to achieve the desired build.

******** Options Guide *********
Note: If you don't see something you need, feel free to messaged us on Facebook. We can design custom parts and produce them for you at the cost of printing and machine time. If you can print them yourself, there will be a $10 one time fee for simple designs. Complex designs requiring more than 2hrs will design at $20/hr

Recommended Starting Bundles by Rig - (Select these Options or Click the Bundle)

Axial Capra (4 Link) - Front Comp Bumper 70mm, Front Chassis Brace w/6mm Body Post hole 70mm, Front Low Bat Mount with Hoop Backers (70/78 Pinch), Rear Shock Hoops/Body Mount Brace (70mm), Rear Comp Bumper (70mm), Side Plates (Electronics/Battery)

Use Stock Parts: Links (All), Shocks, Skid (Trimmed per Guide) or select Capra Specific Flat bottom Skid
Fabricate or Find: 4x 6mm diameter Body Posts, various hardware, Body

Element Enduro - Front Bumper 70mm, Front Dual Servo Mount (70mm), Pan-Hard Mount Set, Front Chassis Brace w 6mm Body Post hole 70mm, Front Low Bat Mount with Hoop Backers (70), Rear Body Mount Brace (78mm), Rear Bumper (78mm), Side Plates (Electronics/Battery)

Use Stock Parts: Links All (Shorter Uppers will be required if using the high Link mount holes), Shocks, Skid, Rear Shock Hoops(Trim Nub on rear), Body Posts (Front and Rear), Front Upper Links (101mm eye to eye), Rear Upper Links (102mm eye to eye)
Fabricate or Find: Various Hardware, Body
, Short Uppers for Tuning, Bent Pan Link for Full Compressions

Traxxas TRX4 (SPORT or Two Speed) - Front Bumper 78mm, Front Dual Servo Mount (78mm), Pan-Hard Mount Set, Front Chassis Brace w 6mm Body Post hole 70mm, Rear Low Battery Mount (78), Rear Inboard Shock Mount (78mm), Rear Body Mount Brace (78mm), Rear Bumper (78mm), Side Plates (Electronics/Battery)

Use Stock Parts: Links All, Shocks, Skid (Trimmed Per Guide), Body Posts (Front and Rear)
Fabricate or Find: Various Hardware, Body

Traxxas TRX4 Comp (SPORT or Two Speed) - Same as the Bundle above but swaps the bumpers for the narrowed Style Comp Bumpers.

OPTIMUS 3 BUNDLE - If you have been following EXOCAGED RC Optimus build and would like the use the same options in the video, look no further.

The Spare-Time Hobbies "Optimus 3" bundle includes: 70mm Compact Comp Front Bumper, Adjustable 70mm Front body Mount w Stopper Clips, 70.78mm Front Battery Tray w Hoop Backers and Brace, Sliders (Long), Rear Multi Position Electronics Tray, Rear 78mm Hoop Mounts.Body Mount, 78mm Rear Compact Comp Bumper.

You will need to select the optional Capra Skid if you intend on using the Capra Transmission. A stock SCX-10/10.2 RTR Skid will bolt directly in and function as needed.

Exocaged RC - You Tube
Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4Uy95vypmk
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxOoA8si_NA&t=354s
Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caCUygLIk_Y



2.5mm Chassis Spacer Set (TRX4 Red Image) - Front and rear Spacers Set
4mm Chassis Spacer Set (Axial Orange Image) - Front and rear Spacers Set
5mm Chassis Spacer Set (Vaterra Green Image) - Front and rear Spacers Set and Stock Skid Spacer

Additional options will become available as the designs are completed and tested.

Printed Parts - These parts will be printed in Black using advances slicing methods for maximum strength. All 3D printed parts come with a lifetime replacement guarantee. If you break a part, simply send us a photo and your order number. The photo is simply to evaluate for common issues and help identify potential improvements to existing designs.

Sales@spare-timehobbies.com or PM us @ Spare-Time Hobbies Face Book Page.